"We live in a wonderful World that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open."

-- Jawaharal Nehru

We like to travel...a lot! So our reason for creating Holidayrentclub is very simple: we want to find the "hidden gems" of the World for you. We want you to have the ultimate travel-experience with getting first hand information from the owners on what to see, where to eat...so you can truly discover the beauty of the different cultures. We want to show the World, that it is possible to travel more for less money, and explore a whole new world of adventure.

We will bring you a big variety of quality accommodations for a great price, made possible by booking directly from the owner!!

HolidayRentClub started with two friends, Mariana and Olga, who are travel enthusiasts and creative minds, who wanted to create something fun and truly beneficial for everybody...

So this is how the idea of connecting owners and travelers was born. In the meantime, we came across some very passionate and interesting people who were interested in our project and our small idea started to grow and evolve and involve more and more people and more and more countries and finally, became global.

It is extremely important for us, to keep our core values of: always having a win-win situation ( something that is good for everybody ) and always having fun with what we do and always creating something exciting and new, regardless of how much all the " rest of the details" change. The HolidayRentClub Team is a team of great individuals from all over the world, who are passionate about travel, professional, innovative and work hard to always deliver great prices and quality vacations to our travelers.

Our approach is professional, our team is experienced, our system is supported with top-of-the-line, easy-to-use software, and we want to extend these qualities to our visitors on the HRC web platform. We want you to have a great, fun experience while securely and surely getting a great deal on your dream-vacation.

So if you are looking for uniqueness and value, by renting directly from property owners, Holidayrentclub.com is the one place for you to find homes, condominiums, villas, cabins, bed and breakfasts, all inclusive resorts and more...providing the convenience and security of paying with a credit card and reviewing the property costs and rental agreement quickly and easily prior to booking.

Thanks for visiting us! Have a fun booking experience!

Mariana and Olga

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